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Estelle Judah; your trusted visual marketing partner for photography that sells.

Lifestyle Property Photographer Estelle is at the forefront of a new approach to photography, thanks to her understanding and delivery of lifestyle imagery as effective, visual-marketing tools that integrate into today’s multi-channel marketing strategies. Great imagery should not just be reserved for large billboard advertising or magazine pages, today, consumers are more likely to be experiencing brands using social media and iPhone devices, so brands need images that showcase products on these formats that are going to be effective.

Melbourne Food Photographer Estelle, has a proven reputation for creating intuitive imagery that defines brands, gives them stand out from the competition, appeals to customers, and above all, sells products and services.We live in a visual world, and visual communication has more potency and immediacy than ever before. Still Life Photography, Interior Photography and Lifestyle Photography have a vital role to sell brands; static, mundane product shots just don’t cut it these days. Estelle builds stories and creates real desire so that products connect with customers in a way that delivers genuine sales.

Estelle creates high value images that are effective. She gets results because she only works with the industry’s most talented and proven producers, food and interior stylists, so there is never any compromise. She guarantees much more than satisfaction with the end results; she guarantees delight.

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