Why Estelle?

Estelle creates images that deliver powerful results for her customers. She’s a photographer who makes the time to really understand her clients’ business so she can produce images that work effectively for them.

“Estelle very quickly ‘got my view and vision’ and delivered it.”

“Estelle has an interesting way of getting into the head of a client to deliver what they want.”

Her approach is more creative partner than photographer. She works closely with her clients and leads from the front to make complex projects happen, going above and beyond expectations in pursuit of the result that the client wants.

“I lost control of my brief during the project and I was ready to give up. Estelle stepped in for me to realign the parties to my original vision. She went above and beyond her work as a photographer. She could see where I wanted to go and held my hand to get there – I thank her sincerely for that.”

Estelle knows that businesses have to work hard to stand-out from the competition and attract new customers, and she has an instinctive awareness of the role images play in this.

She works individually with each client to create their own, unique signature style, and is a constant source of inspiration and ideas that enable her clients to evolve; to continuously change and develop their images creatively, and keep building on their successes.

“As a start-up food business, powerful product images are everything. With something as simple as cheese, it takes a talented photographer to make it look special. Estelle very quickly ‘got my view and vision’ and delivered it, with no fuss.”

Estelle’s clients come back time and again. She creates strong relationships and even friendships.  Clients trust her instinct and approach, and at the end of the day, they can see the results for themselves.

“Estelle works her magic with light angles and movement to create compelling images that position our property as premium and iconic. Everyone comments on the images. They are a powerful business asset.”

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