Photographer or visual marketing partner?

Written on December 18, 2013

Photography is more important to brands than ever before, and one of the main reasons that it is so vital, is because consumers – your customers – are mad about it, obsessed with it even and doing it themselves all the time!

Social media has evolved to where it is today on the back of photography, and the growing ownership of smartphones means that creating and sharing images is easier than ever.  It’s no exaggeration to say that people’s lives are defined and charted by literally thousands of images.

Throughout the history of the camera, people have always loved photography, and their natural preference for photography means that today it is still the best way for brands and businesses to communicate their product to their own customers. But as people’s knowledge and passion for images has grown, so too has their understanding of images and their ability to judge a business by its images.

So in an image-savvy world, businesses need to make sure that the images they commission meet their customers’ demanding standards, and in a digital world which is saturated with images, businesses need to make sure that their images really stand out.

Understanding how to create images that delight your customers is at the heart of delivery of briefs at Estelle Judah Photography.

As consumers become more visually aware, they are attracted to those businesses that give them a better visual experience – and we’re now at a point where businesses commissioning better quality images have an advantage over their competitors. But behind a beautiful image there needs to be a commercially-focused story, because today an effective commercial photograph needs to work on a range of different levels:

Engage – attract your customers’ attention and draw them into the image

Inform – make them understand the product you are selling and what your business stands for

Create desire – make them want more; more images, more information to start them off on a journey of wanting to buy from you

As a commercial photographer, the images you create are only successful if they achieve all of these things, and this can only be done with a combination of a creative and a commercial mind.

This isn’t just about the aesthetic of creating a beautiful image, its about finding the story and then telling it to the customer in a way that appeals to them to create a strong connection between them and the brand’s story.

And this is key to make that brand stand out from the crowd and really resonate with the audience, something that is so important in the congested and chaotic advertising world that we are all in.

A brilliant example of this is our recent Boy Meets Girl project, a series of images about wine producers Adrian and Rebecca Santolin. Their story about how they met, fell in lust and then love and then decided to make beautiful wine together, was a perfect way for them to do something different and unexpected within their market, and give wine buyers a different story to get their attention. Photographically this was a great story to tell, and whilst on the surface was light-hearted and a little bit frivolous, it pulls wine buyers closer to the serious messages they are keen to also get across about their wine business; showcasing their enormous passion for wine and a method that gives wine fans a different experience, one that’s edgy and creative, but still with the reassurance that it is backed up by the craftsmanship and experience of a high quality product.

Photography for the modern world is more of a partnership than a creative commission. Because images are such an integral part of how you communicate with your customers, you need work with a photographer who understands your business on many levels including all of these areas:

  • The commercial objectives of your business
  • The nature of your product and how to sell it effectively with images
  • How your brand is represented by your images
  • What your customer’s want to see
  • How you can stand out in your market
  • Where your images are being used

Creativity can then flourish with the confidence that the end result will take you in the right direction.

Right from the beginning of a project, Estelle starts to think about and plan how imagery will be created that your customers will fall in love with! This approach is a fundamental aspect of Estelle Judah Photography’s signature philosophy.

Lighting is a big factor, and is always considered and designed to suit the planned end use and role of the images. Styling and composition have immaculate attention to detail, and the resulting images have a lightness, an optimistic and aspirational feel which creates the perfect setting for the product itself.

If you’d like to discover how your photography can work harder for your business, please contact Estelle Judah Photography for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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